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Dixie Terry – News From Here & There: Jun 6

Posted June 6, 2012 by Dixie Terry in Community

Welcome to June, the month of “then if ever come perfect days.” And, we’ve already seen some of those!

How about those Lady Blackcats and their state championship. Congrats to the hard working ladies and their coaches, who are enjoying the laurels of all those long practice sessions. Go, Blackcats!

Keep in mind that our county is celebrating its 200th birthday all year. All churches, clubs, and organizations are urged to organize an event for the year-long birthday party. One of those coming up this month is the bicentennial concert at the Vienna City Park, featuring local singers performing songs of the past two centuries. The time will be announced.

Another event will be the ice cream supper at the Community of Christ Church on Tunnel Hill Road on Saturday, July 7, beginning around 4:30 p.m. Come out and bring your summer guests for grilled delights, scrumptious homemade desserts, and a bevy of flavors of ice cream, also homemade. The benefit is for the youth and their summer camp.

The quilt show at the Paul Powell Museum in Vienna continues, as the Pond Ladies Club show their old and not-so-old collection of quilts. The museum is open from l-4 p.m. each Saturday and Sunday. Drop by and take a look.

Did you know? On Sept. 14, 1812, six years before Illinois became a state, the governor of the Territory of Illinois issued an order concerning the formation of Johnson County, “Beginning at the mouth of Lusk Creek thence with a line of Gallatin to Big Muddy thence down Big Muddy and the Mississippi to the Ohio River, and up the Ohio to the beginning,” much larger than at the present time.

Heading up north were Joyce Stryker and her mom, Lois Terry, to visit with Joyce’s son, John, Ronora, and David, for a few days.

For young wannabe business entrepreneurs, Shawnee Community College is offering a camp called ELITE, Educate, Lead and Inspire Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs. For students entering grades 7-9, who want to learn how to start a business, the registration can be had by calling 618-634-3213. There is a $10 fee, that includes breakfast, lunch, and snacks on July 16-19.

The Superman Celebration in Metropolis is underway on June 7-10!

The Friendship General Baptist Church held their annual homecoming on June 3, with the featured singers being One Voice.

Know a World War II veteran who would like to take advantage of the complimentary airplane trip to Washington, D.C., for a one-day sightseeing trek of the war memorials. Give a call to 217-254-2986 for forms.

Birthdays! June 10, Jayce Johnson, Annette Pritchett. June 11, Kendall West, Jeannine Hayduk. June 12, June Walker, Julie West. June 13, Jason Robertson, Bruce Etheridge. June 14, Kelly Jo Hancock, Jason Hammond, Jonnah Hansman, Tommy Travelstead, Tommy Loell. June 15, Mary Luke, Mac Obourn, and Joel Terry, our son. June 16, Jacob Huggins, Lowell Martin. And, may you all have many more!

Anniversaries! Congratulations to these couples on their wedding celebrations: June 10, Bill and Sue Crews, Patty and Tom Harris, Josh and Charity McCree. June 11, Pastor Ron and Geri Null. June 12, Peter and Gail Delaney. June 13, Tex and Maisie Perry, Dr. Ron and Linda Ferguson.