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Johnson County ‘Warriors’ finish strong in national event

Posted July 4, 2012 by Joe Rehana in Sports

Johnson County natives fared well in a national event that draws tens of thousands to attend across the states competing against the clock through a boot-camp like 3.19-mile obstacle course.

Five Johnson County natives traveled north to Channahon (near Chicago) recently to compete in what is touted as “the world’s largest running series; Warrior Dash.” Competitors race through a 3.19-mile obstacle course that included such features as “Muddy Mayham,” a pit of mud with barbed wire strung above it; “Warrior Roast,” just as it sounds, jumping over fire; “Mortimer’s Crossing,” a wobbling rope bridge; and nine other obstacles each bearing a boot-camp training likeness. Waves up to 550 participants take off and come to their first obstacle, “Road Rage,” where they climb up and over wrecked vehicles strewn about the path. Before the end of the day, more than 10,000 “warriors” dashed the course and the crew from Johnson County represented well. Stefan Messmer finished 107th with a time of 24:05.65, under eight minutes behind the first place time of 17:51.75 and more than five hours ahead of the last place finisher. The bulk of competitors finished within an hour of their start. Brody Whitehead finished 190th with a time of 25:06.25 followed minutes later by 696th place finisher Luke Omahana with his time of 28:58.10. Finishing in 876th place, Trenton Potocki crossed the line with a time of 29:49.50 and in a field of ten thousand-plus competitors, Cody Hastings’ time of 32:56.15 and 1,600th place rounded out Johnson County’s representation amongst the racers as some of Illinois’ top “warriors.”  ~ photo provided