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Vennetta Maze to retire after 30 years with Regions

Posted July 25, 2012 by Joe Rehana in Community

Strawberry or Sucker?
Regions’ bank teller Vennetta Maze as she is seen by hundreds of customers each week through the glass window in the bank’s drive up will retire Aug. 10 after 30 years of service. An all-day party with an open-invitation is being held in her honor Friday, Aug. 10, at Regions as she will celebrate her 73rd birthday the following day.

For as long as she can remember, Vennetta Maze has been sending birthday cards to family, friends, co-workers and others she has come to known, afraid to count or calculate the number the list has grown to today.

Maze, who celebrates her 73rd birthday Aug. 11, will retire after 30 years of service with Regions Bank with an “all-day” party in her honor, Friday, Aug. 10 in the lobby at the branch in Goreville.

Known throughout town for more than her friendly smile at the Regions window, Maze has a reputation for her greeting cards that always arrive even if they are sometimes a little late.

“I’m a little behind by about 500 cards at the moment,” said Maze, with a laugh and a smile. “I’m joking, but it is sometimes scary to look at my calendar.”

Maze keeps track of the hundreds of anniversaries in a pocket calendar where all but one date, Dec. 26, have anywhere between one to 20 names on them.

“Vennetta is Goreville’s official greeting card sender,” said Gazette columnist Dixie Terry in an email Monday. “She sent my late favorite husband and I an anniversary card for many years on June 3 and also sent us birthday cards each year, along with two sticks of chewing gum.”

Maze is quick to smile when talking about celebrations and recalled her father giving her and her siblings a dollar on their birthdays, “Which was big money back then,” she said. She used her dollar to send her family birthday cards and soon it expanded to friends, neighbors and people she knew at church and others who just “appeared” on her list.

Jokingly, she said her husband would have a heart attack if he knew how much she spends on postage.

Maze, a life-long resident of Goreville who has five granddaughters and two grandsons still attending Goreville Schools today, said after retirement perhaps she and her husband would take a few more trips.

“We always take our next trip heading out in whichever direction the car is parked in at the time we leave,” said Maze, “but somehow we always end up back in Gatlinburg.”