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Goreville water rates to increase for October

Posted September 26, 2012 by Joe Rehana in Community

The Lake Egypt Water District announced Tuesday morning that its rates for the billing period beginning in October will increase $1 per every thousand gallons used passed the minimum.

Lake Egypt Water District announced it would impose a $1 increase in rates per every 1,000 additional gallons customers use above the minimum as the level of the lake was reported at 26 inches below the Lake of Egypt spillway Tuesday.

In Goreville the rates for 1,500 gallons-or-less will remain at its current base fee of $24 as customers will only see an increase if they use more than the minimum.

The increase in rates come as the current level at the Lake of Egypt is reported at 26-inches below the spillway.

The Gazette reported in August of the probability of a rate increase after the Lake Egypt Water District board passed an ordinance to allow for the increase in its attempt to create conservation in the face of a national drought.

As reported in August, the water districts of Goreville, Lick Creek, Devils Kitchen, Creal Springs, Burnside and 4,500 residential customers were asked to voluntarily restrict water usage to avoid the need of implementing drought rates.  The drought rates are broken into five levels with the increase rate charged per every additional 1,000 gallons used above the minimum.  According to the ordinance, when the water level at the Lake of Egypt spillway falls, at any time during a billing cycle, below 24 inches the rates shall increase $1; below 30 inches, $2; below 36 inches, $3; below 40 inches, $5; and below 48 inches, $10.

The rate increase will remain in effect for as long as the level at the spillway remains below 24 inches at any time during a billing cycle.  As more precipitation arrives in the region and cooler temperatures prevail, the combination of rain with water conservation are expected to help bring back adequate water levels.