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Lake of Egypt on the rise

Posted September 12, 2012 by Joe Rehana in News

A new measuring device was installed at the Lake of Egypt this past week and with recent rains the lake rose to a reported 24 inches below the spillway.

The recent rains have helped improve the water levels at the Lake of Egypt with measurements Monday reported to be at 24 inches below the spillway, according Perry Musgrave, Lake Egypt Water District general manager.

A new measuring device was installed last week over the top of a painting of measurements long ago washed and worn away.

“We’ve come up about five or six inches after the rains,” said Musgrave, adding that the lake is not yet out of drought conditions but the recent rains have helped “tremendously.”  Lake Egypt Water District recently approved an ordinance to allow for drought condition fee increases in which at anytime the lake is 24-inches-or below the spillway the fee would increase incremental per every additional 1,000 gallons used above the minimum.  Musgrave said conditions are looking more favorable as long as the rain continues.

“Usage is down, and again, I think there are several contributing factors to that,” said Musgrave.  “I think that the cooler weather has helped a lot, I think the rain has helped a lot, and I also think the public has taken notice and started cutting back as well.”

The public can continue to take notice as they cross the spillway bridge and get a quick clip of the “rain gauge” now in place at the spillway.  Monday night fresh sludge was visibly drying just below the two-feet mark as the lake returned to lowering its bath-tub ring as it awaits its next round of rains.