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The Old Home Place expected to reopen early January

Posted December 20, 2012 by Joe Rehana in News

In a deal without the details finalized just yet, The Old Home Place is to reopen under new ownership sometime in early January, according to its current owners.

The Old Home Place, which is still under a lease agreement with the previous business owners, closed its doors just a few weeks back and its future has been the speculation of many throughout Goreville.

The Old Home Place is seen closed Thursday evening.  Owners said it is likely the restaurant would reopen early January.

The Old Home Place is seen closed Thursday evening. Owners said it is likely the restaurant would reopen early January.

Last week crews were inside cleaning and preparing for the restaurant’s return, which was slated for today, but a deal fell through leaving in question the future of The Old Home Place.  Details on the deal falling through were unavailable with the owner-to-be only saying it was unfortunate.  The Gazette had just met with the owner-to-be only hours prior to a follow-up phone call in which it was said the deal was off and no comment was available on what had changed.

A new deal is expected to reopen The Old Home Place’s doors in early January, said owner Bob Wolfe of Remington Land LLC.   Wolfe said a negotiation process was underway to enable a lease transfer to take place and allow the new ownership to get open, but the details of the negotiation were unavailable and he did not want to speculate on the operating details of the restaurant’s future, only that the new owners intended to keep much of the same menu.

Several employees of The Old Home Place, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said they too were unaware of what was “actually happening” and only that they were told to seek unemployment after last week’s closure.

“Losing your job at Christmas is a real low,” said an employee wishing to remain unnamed. “No one is saying anything and none of us know what is going on. But people continue to ask and we just really do not know.”

The closing of The Old Home Place has not been lost on Goreville’s other eateries as Delaney’s on Broadway has experienced an increase in traffic it welcomes, while it also looks forward to the return of The Old Home Place.

“We need the other restaurant in town to help attract customers from the area who come to Goreville to eat out,” said Gail Delaney, who owns Delaney’s with her husband Pete Delaney. She added that due to its size The Old Home Place is also capable of hosting unexpected large groups, which she said is also good for Goreville.

While the details of the restaurant’s return remain murky, Wolfe reiterated that they are working with a good prospect who is looking forward to seeing the deal through and reopen as quickly as possible.

Goreville awaits the news.