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Village approves water line upgrade

Posted December 5, 2012 by Joe Rehana in News

The Goreville Village Board met for a regularly schedule meeting Monday night in which it approved a proposal to seek a $450,000 grant to replace more than 20,000 linear feet of aging water lines and approximately 230 water meters.

A recent audit of Goreville’s budget revealed the Village is losing more than it is taking in for its sewer and water services with a portion of the differences rising from poor water mains and meters.

“We just fixed two major leaks that we expect to reduce much of the loss from the past few months,” said Goreville Mayor Larry Vaughn. “Overall our system is in very poor shape and in need of repair, but it’s costly and so we hope this grant will come through.”

The board approved a proposal to begin the process of applying for the grant and designing the upgrade with the hopes to begin construction in 2014. Many of the Village’s water lines are in need of replacement with a portion still constructed using asbestos, which is only a matter of time before an EPA mandate would require their replacement, said Goreville Water Superintendent Sam Mighell. The upgrade would address other issues in the Village, said Mighell, such as providing the infrastructure for the growth Goreville is experiencing and reducing overall cost to the city to provide its water/sewer services.

“When a water meter gets much older than 10 years it cannot entirely keep track of all the water flowing through it,” said Mighell. Residents who have old water meters are mostly unaware of this and so they might experience an increase in cost because of proper metering, said Mighell.

Mayor Vaughn said the project is long overdue and he is hopeful the grant will be approved.

“Goreville is growing and we need to continue to grow our services with it,” said Vaughn. “This type of upgrade puts us a little ahead of the game to keep up with that growth and improve our systems.”