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Village encourages homeowners to install sewer check valve

Posted January 23, 2013 by Joe Rehana in Community

In response to the Village of Goreville finding itself paying for the restoration of a local homeowner’s basement damaged by a backup of sewage this past summer, the board of trustees voted in favor of issuing a mailing encouraging homeowners to install a sewer check valve.

At its recent monthly board meeting, the trustees debated on whether or not the village should pass an ordinance requiring all new homes built in Goreville to include a sewer check valve to help prevent a future flood of sewage in a resident’s home.

“It is an inexpensive install compared to the cleanup of sewage,” the board agreed.

No ordinance was passed, but the board unanimously agreed to issue a mailing warning its residents of the sewage-flooding possibilities if their home is built lower than a nearby manhole.

The date of the mailing was tabled until the board had a chance to draft the language of the mailer, saying their priority is to ensure when received, the mailer is not confusing nor alarming, just informing.  The village said their goal is to educated homeowners on the realities of a messy situation.

“A normal homeowner insurance policy does not cover the cost of cleaning up such a mess,” said mayor Larry Vaughn.  “To make sure the policy covers sewer damage a homeowner may need a rider.”

When a sewer system backups, it is typically due to heavy rains and flooding causing an overload on the village’s sewer system, which finds relief in an unsuspecting home that lies geographically lower than the nearby main line. A sewer check valve only allows wastewater to flow out, automatically closing off wastewater attempting to enter a home’s sewer system.  The part itself cost approximately $45, according to Goreville water superintendent Sam Mighell, but its installation outside of new construction requires access dug to the house’s outgoing main line and plumbing better left to an experienced installer.

The board debated on how it might insert the requirement of a sewer check valve into Goreville’s building permits choosing instead to issue the warning.