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New water rates proposed for Goreville

Posted February 6, 2013 by Joe Rehana in News

The Goreville board of trustees met for a regularly scheduled meeting Monday night in which it decided to discuss the increase of water rates for Goreville at its next meeting.

The Lake of Egypt returned to normal levels with the recent rains.

The Lake of Egypt returned to normal levels with the recent rains.

With the levels at the Lake of Egypt well above the drought-rate minimum, Goreville trustees dropped the recent rate increase imposed upon them by Lake Egypt Water District and chose to return in its next meeting to establish a permanent rate increase that is more fitting to its cost.

A recent audit revealed the village’s rates, which have not increased for more than two years, were not growing effectively with the village’s cost to provide the service. The village admitted to some overrun costs caused by a massive leak that since repaired has reduced Goreville’s water requirements. The trustees have discussed in the past an infrastructure upgrade is desperately needed to replace aging water lines and water meters.

In issuing its next water bill, the regular rate is to return which is reported as $12.50 for 0-1,500 gallons and $8.00 for each additional 1,000 gallons. The rates the Village will seek is meant only to bring the cost of providing the service closer to the rates collected for the service, the Village said.

Also at Monday’s meeting the trustees approved interior and exterior equipment for a new police car the Village approved for purchase. Last year while in pursuit of Lake of Egypt shooting suspects, Officer Trenton Harrison’s vehicle struck a tree causing extensive damage. The Village approved a new vehicle purchase in January after several previous meetings in which the trustees looked over competing bids.

The Village’s Tax increment financing program was also discussed Monday night in which it was decided that further discussions on defining “rehabilitating” property was necessary. The TIF program allows for construction of new properties to apply and also provides for “rehabbing” properties but does not define to what extent the previous structure must remain to qualify for TIF under rehabilitating. The program already includes a minimum construction cost of $30,000 to qualify for funding and the Village said it wanted to ensure the program is constant and effective in helping its residents improve Goreville.

A letter drafted to address “Sewer backup damage” was approved for mailing and is expected to reach residents sometime before the end of the month. The letter is to provide notice to each resident that the Village of Goreville is “not responsible for damage caused by any backup of the sewer system into private residences.”

According to the letter, “The Board of Trustees deems it necessary to make this formal notice to avoid any confusion as to obligations and responsibilities in the event of a backup resulting in damage.” In the spring of last year the Village was confronted with such an occasion and decided it needed to act in the best interest of the community to warn of the possibilities and to encourage the installation of a backup valve.

January minutes and bills were also approved.

The next regularly scheduled meeting is March 4 in the Village Hall Council room with a start time of 6 p.m.