Polkadot’s DOT Surges At 10% Per Week

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Polkadot’s native cryptocurrency, DOT, has experienced a remarkable 10% weekly price surge, fueling bullish predictions from analysts who envision the asset potentially spiking to $10 and beyond. Particularly, if DOT surpasses certain key resistance levels, analysts foresee further impulses that could drive its value even higher.

According to a popular entrepreneur using the handle “Ted,” DOT is retesting a major support zone, and if it surpasses the $7 mark, which it crossed over the weekend, its value could spike to $10 in the next few months. CRYPTOWZRD and Jesse Olson have also outlined bullish predictions, with the former suggesting that a new bull run could commence once DOT exceeds $9.60, potentially propelling it toward $15.80.

Jesse Olson went a step further, drawing parallels between DOT’s current condition and the buying opportunity observed six months ago when its price stood below $5 before surging to almost $12 in mid-March.

These bullish forecasts build upon previous predictions from other crypto analysts. Ash Crypto, a popular Twitter user with over one million followers, and Michael van de Poppe have expressed optimism about DOT’s potential, with Ash Crypto raising hopes for a price rally toward a two-year high of $15, while van de Poppe cited Polkadot’s “fundamental progress” over the years and revealed that he has added the asset to his personal portfolio.

The most optimistic prediction comes from crypto enthusiast Thomas Kralow, who envisions a price explosion towards the staggering $100 during the next bull run, highlighting the bullish sentiment surrounding DOT’s potential.

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