Wormhole Crypto Surges 7% as Cross-Chain Solution Demand Rises

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The price of Wormhole (W), one of the foremost coins that have been produced to help cross-chain transfer of assets, have grown 7% in the last 24 hours to stand at $0.6357 per coin. The surge is in conjunction with a bullish rally occurring in the cryptocurrency markets and growing investor demand for cross-chain bridging technology.
After the newly minted 1.8 billion coins, its market cap becomes over $1.14 billion, publicly making it one of the largest 75 cryptocurrencies (based on market cap, of course). The 24-hour trading volume for the coin reached a significant amount of $163.003 million, indicating a positive proportion of volume/capitalization of 14.19%.
Wormhole Coin, Period: 24h Price Chart

“Its recent uptrend in price shows the increasing demand for cryptocurrencies addressing real-world problems of decentralized finance and blockchain interoperability, ”Samantha Reeves, Hedge of Crypto Research at Celsius Capital, said. “As more and more projects adopt cross-chain modalities, that is, the use of Wormhole’s technology, its utility and its value proposition continues to rise.”

The Wormhole is a protocol that applies a cross-chain token transfer system which uses a decentralized network of nodes and charges minimal fees for different tokens exchanging. By developing extra-wrapped versions of the main coins(like Ethereum, Solana, and Terra), Wormhole has become an essential piece of infrastructures required to operate in the increasingly multi-chain environment.

The value locked in Wormhole bridges, which are diverse in nature, surpassed one billion dollars for first time which means increasing usage and adoption of this protocol. With approximately of $50 million in cross-chain transactions settling each day, Wormhole reduces congestion significantly.

“Wormhole has been my go to for cross-chain asset transfers within the DeFi space for now a year past” said user Alex Mahajan in support of the Wormhole ecosystem. “I always believed this recent price hike is justified, because Bridging tech they have developed is so essential to access the multi–chain crypto space.”

Despite the fact that Wormhole is not the only cross-chain bridge out there, its dedication to the idea of shared security and decentralization by the way of the community operated node network brings a noticeable difference in comparison to centralized ones. In the dawn of the future, Wormhole will set out to bring more and more blockchain networks onboard and roll out new messaging tools to make way for advanced cross-chain communication.

Reeves shared his perception that the interoperability between all the new blockchain systems is the future and projects like Wormhole do great jobs to prepare this important basis. “As DeFi and Web3 applications become more mainstream, it will only be more important for consumers to have secure and trustless, bridging solutions built into products.”

The spreading of the Wormhole rally does not hint to its slowing process, as some experts view it as an enthralling possibility to outperform other coins from the top 50 cryptocurrencies by their market cap as more people’s intentions in multi-chain applications are becoming stronger. For crypto market players who are eager to ride the wave, Wormhole resonates as a promising market disruptor to be on the lookout for.

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